What do this site sell?

You buy the film "Las Palmas".

You get:

  • Access to watch the movie for 24 hours in 3 sessions.
  • A downloadable link so you can watch it forever (HD or SD in .mp4 format).
  • Behind the scenes material.
  • DVD cover in .pdf format

How do I pay?

Different countries have different payment options. In most of them you can pay using your mobile phone or Paypal. Start by clicking the Buy Now button.

What format is the movie in?

The movie is streamed or available for download. The download format is H.264 in a .mp4 container. You don’t need flash to watch the movie. You can watch it in most common devices such as a fairly modern Mac / PC, IPhone, Ipad, Android, Xbox.

Are there any restrictions on how to use the film?

You are free to use the film for personal use, but not to redistribute or sell. For more info check the Terms and Conditions.

I payed for the film but cannot see it or the playback is glitchy?

The easiest way to watch the film is just clicking the play button in the film viewer that pops up after successful payment. This is called streaming view. If you have a very slow connection the running of the film could be jerky or simply not playing at all. In that case, please try find a place with better connection or download the film to your computer.

How do I download the film and play it from my computer?

To download - click one of the download buttons on the bottom right corner of the player, just below the film screen. Then choose a location on your hard drive where you can store the film. The film is coded in different formats for any possible need. The different formats are choosen by the different download buttons. The most versatile format is the low resolution .mp4 (could be played by mobile devices - Iphone, Android, etc). For the highest quality choose the high resolution .mp4. This version demands a bit more of the computer playing the file. If you experience a jerky playback try a version of lower resolution.After download, find the location on your harddrive that you specified. Then double click the file. If the file will not play on your computer you are probably missing a functioning, up-to-date movie player application. VLC Media Player (VideoLan) is free and very good. Can be downloaded from http://www.videolan.org. It works for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Ubuntu, Android.

Download VLC

I cannot download the film to my iPad, iPhone or Xbox, what should I do?

Some of these devices cannot save downloads. If you would like to store the movie on any of these you could download it to your PC or Mac and then transfer it from there.

For how long and how many times can I see the film?

You can watch the film during a period of 24 hours, or 3 login sessions. During this time you can also download the film to your computer for eternal access. Watching this film on a daily basis for the rest of your life is not to recommend, though. It is bad for your liver, abdomen and hair growth.

Why does the film cost more when paying by SMS?

We have tried to make the film cost the same, regardless of payment method, but the cost for SMS payment varies depending on location and operator. Not much we can do about that.

How can you charge money for a short film, you greedy bastard?

I have the somewhat naive idea to be able to finance my own film making. As is now it is a tough struggle to get the films done, applying for money from institutions and companies. I have to depend a lot on few peoples random tastes. Instead I would like to let a lot of people, you - the audience, decide if the films should be made or not. And this is achieved by a small donation to see my films. I am also a bit critical to the way short films are distributed. TV companies often obtain exclusivity for the films, even online, stopping the film from being viewed on a large scale. And in their hands the shorts are often more or less invisible, hidden in the tableaux and not marketed at all. With this independent approach all the rights to the films are kept and they can viewed and easily found from everywhere on the planet.

Still no help

If none of the above helped solving your issues please send an email to support@laspalmasmovie.com and we will do our best to help you. If the issue is of technical nature please provide us with things that could be helpful to us, including your location, your system configuration - what device and browser you are using (including version).